Youth Leadership Program
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The PRIDE by the Beach Youth Leadership Program (YLP) is a program in collaboration with the North County LGBTQ Resource Center and Project Youth. The program seeks to develop, support, and enhance leadership skills among self-identified LGBTQ youth, ages 16-20. We strive to create a professional environment where our youth can grow and thrive while celebrating the uniqueness of our queer experiences.

PRIDE By The Beach
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How to participate.

Qualifications for program selection include:

• a filed volunteer application, indicating areas of interest and availability

• completion of an in-person interview

Leaders are selected each year based on their qualifications, the needs of the program, and applicant’s interests. The program runs from February to November of each year.  Upon completion of the program, participants will receive:

• a certificate of program completion

• a personalized letter of recommendation

• a letter detailing community service hours completed (if required by school)

YLP participants are led by and report to the PRIDE by the Beach Director. Participants are responsible for taking part in the Project Youth Committee twice during the year, as representatives of PRIDE.  YLP leaders are expected to commit to a minimum of six to ten hours per month. On the day of the PRIDE event, in June, an additional commitment is expected, which may include online work, in-person meetings, presentations, event management, and participant communication.

Program areas of focus will be tailored to the needs and interests of youth applicants, and will include several areas of leadership development skills transferrable to work experience and higher educational pursuits.

PRIDE By The Beach
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Public Speaking

• Skill development and coaching in voice projection, messaging, personal presentation, time parameters, and personal narrative. • Youth leader will speak at least once during a public or community event/meeting to represent PRIDE by the Beach program.

Meeting Management

• Skill development in agenda setting, time management, and consensus-building during a committee meeting. • Youth leader will manage and set an agenda at least once for the PRIDE Committee.

Media Marketing

• Skill development in setting a marketing calendar, messaging, branding, and developing content related to an issue or event. • Youth leader will run at least one campaign promoting an event or highlighting an issue that increases LGBTQ visibility across media platforms

Event Planning

• Skill development in planning, deadlines, email communication, attention to detail, and logistics of events. • Youth leader will partner to manage one component of the PRIDE by the Beach event, such as green room set up, education area, or volunteer recognition

Community Building:

• Skill development in networking, business representation, messaging, outreach and follow up. • Youth leader will represent PRIDE by the Beach in the community by promoting event through media outlets and in person.